Welcome to the Esq. Gear blog – in a nutshell, we are a technology focused blog focusing on technology (software, gadgets, best practices, etc.) that may be useful and/or helpful (or maybe just time wasting) to the legal industry.

Our crack editorial staff and authors are a cabal (more than one less than a gazillion) of lawyers and legal industry insiders who have a love of technology and its use in the legal arena – whether it is a client relationship management piece of software or simply a well tested and loved leather chair, Esq. Gear is here to fill the void!

We are always looking for links to and demos of products, if you know of something that should be a part of the Esq. Gear world, send us an email at – of course, vendors should also feel free to send along any and all products that they wish for consideration.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!